Sales Tax and Active911

What Admins Need to Know  

Why? The recently decided Supreme Court case South Dakota v. Wayfair determined that states could sue businesses which conduct transactions within their state, including online businesses not from their state, if they do not collect sales tax.

Who? Agencies in states that are taxing Active911, starting with: CO, LA, MS, SC, TX, IA, OH, RI, SD, TN, UT, WA, and WV.

What if we are tax exempt? If your agency is exempt, you will need to upload a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate the next time you renew. You will be required to upload this form every time you renew to be exempt from sales tax.

If you are not exempt, you don’t need to do anything. When you renew your Active911 subscription, sales tax for your state will be added if you live in a state that collects sales tax.

All agencies will be required to add a billing address to their account for sales tax purposes.

When? This requirement is set to go into effect immediately. However, your agency may not be impacted by it until you renew your subscription.

How to Upload Your Exemption Document 

Your usual renewal process is not going to change. You’ll still check out the same way, you’ll just need to upload the sales tax exemption certificate as part of the process.

Here is what it looks like:

1. Start your purchase.

2. Choose your preferred payment option.

3. Enter your billing address.

4. If you live in a state that collects sales tax, you’ll be prompted to upload your sales tax exemption certificate now. Click the Upload Document button and select the proper file.

5. Sales Tax will become $0.00. Once you see the “Upload Successful!” message, you’re ready to confirm your order.



Please email if you have any questions about this process, or if you have any trouble uploading your tax documents. We answer a majority of emails within 48 hours.

If you need immediate help, you can also call 541-223-7992 at any time to speak to one of our Customer Support Members. They answer the phone in the first ring cycle 75% of the time, so you’ll always speak to a real person who works in our office.