iOS App Update

Today we released an update to the iOS App, and it is version 1.5.19. This version of the app includes some notable new features:

Chat History

Chat rooms will start including old messages (messages sent from this version of the app and onward) and you will be able to pull down at the top of the list in a chatroom to make sure you have the latest messages sent through.






Chat Unread Badges

These badges display the number of unread messages. The number on the chat tab is the total count which adds together the individual counts from each of the chat rooms. Visiting a chat room will reset its number back to zero.






App Info View

The settings view now has a button in the top right corner which takes you to a view with some information about the current version of app that you are using. If you report issues to support, this is an easy spot to grab the version number and pass it on to them!




Continuous Re-paging Option

If this option in your settings is enabled, the app will repeatedly notify you (via a notification every 20 seconds) for an alarm until you respond or open the app. For those heavy sleepers out there, this should help wake you up!


Chat and Non-emergency messaging are now in the Android app!

Hello everyone! We have released version of Active911 for Android. This release comes with a few new features. The first one you will probably notice is the new chat message icon in the top right of the screen. When you click on the new chat button it will bring you to a view where you can enter a chat room for any agency that you are a member of. You can then have discussions within your agency. All chat messages are persistent so you will be able to see what others have said when you didn’t have the app open. If you have any thoughts on the new chat interface, let us know!







Another new feature that is introduced in this version is the “Off Duty, but Available” option for duty status. With this setting, your device may use more battery as it will keep your GPS on. Your device will report your position to Active911 Servers even while the screen is off and in your pocket. You will not be notified of new calls unless there is an incident within 5 miles of your location. If there is an incident nearby, your phone will alert you.







And finally, we have introduced non-messaging alerting! If you have the permission to send alerts from your device, then you now have the option to send a low priority alert. Low priority alerts are just like regular alerts, except that they will sound off differently. This way you can send alerts to people that don’t require them to act immediately and reduce alarm fatigue.


In addition to these new features, we have implemented a few improvements. When you send alerts from the app, they will show up on your device when it has been confirmed that they have been received by our servers. And the app should be working much more smoothly on large agencies with many devices.


Windows Apps Updated

Hello everyone! Today I’m excited to announce that we have released another update to all of our Windows platforms. This update went live yesterday and if you are running Active911 on your Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, or Windows PC, then you should already have the update or have seen a prompt to perform the update. As our last update to these apps completely redesigned phone and tablet, this release adds more features, optimizations, and bug fixes! The new features are as follows, but special focus was given to improving the app’s connection to Active911 servers and improving performance for agencies with many devices.

Features Include:

  • Support for non emergency messages. You can now send non-emergency alerts as well as hear a different tone when non-emergency alerts are received.

  • You can also edit markers and the changes will be reflected instantly across all Active911 devices.

  • And when viewing the report of a call, you have an option to email the report generated.

  • The responses list is sort-able
  • Responses are remembered per alert instead of per device.
  • The PC app can specify which port it listens on for external GPS devices
  • The PC app has a visual cue to tell you the current connection status to Active911 servers.


Voting is open for the t-shirt design contest!

Please vote for your favorite design at the bottom of this post! You may vote once and the voting ends at 11:59 pm PST on December 10th! Thanks to our artists for these submissions!

  • Craig Stephenson of Pendleton Fire Department

  • Cameron Appleton of Sproat Lake Fire Department

  • Matt Quarles of Hickory Fire Department

  • Douglas Toledo of Nissequogue Fire Department



Tshirt Blog Pic

Interested in winning an $800 Galls gift card? Then send us your awesome t-shirt designs! We are looking for sweet original art work done by our members that we can print on our 2018 t-shirts!

How the contest will work:

After the designs have been submitted, there will be a week of voting. The top 10 finalists after the voting period ends will get feedback, and be given a week to make tweaks to their designs. We will then pick the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


  1. Participants must be 18 years or older.
  2. Each person may submit up to 3 design entries.
  3. Even though you may submit 3 designs, you can only win one prize even if all 3 designs place in the top 10 of voting.
  4. Only submit original work made by you. Your design should not contain Active911’s nor anyone else’s logo, art, or material.
  5. Active911 has the right to use all art that has been submitted as we wish.

Round 1

  • All entries need to be submitted by 11:59 pm PST on December 3rd.
  • Link to voting will be provided via email, FB, and Twitter.
  • Voting will begin at 4 pm PST Dec. 4th and go until 11:59 pm PST December 10th.

Round 2

  • Top 10 finalist will be notified by 4 pm PST Dec. 11th.
  • Feedback will be sent out to finalist by 4 pm PST Dec. 13th.
  • Finalist final designs must be resubmitted by 11:59 pm PST Dec. 20th.
  • Winners will be notified by 4pm PST Dec. 22nd.

How to Submit your Design:

  1. Submit your design(s) to
  2. Put “T-Shirt Contest” in the subject line.
  3. Include your name, department, and email address.
  4. Also if you have a name for your design, we would love to hear it!


  • Grand Prize: $800 gift card to Galls & a t-shirt.
  • 2nd Place: $400 gift card to Galls & a t-shirt.
  • 3rd place: $200 gift card to Galls & a t-shirt.
  • 4th-10th place: $100 gift cards to Galls.

Emergency Reporting Integration

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’d like to tell you about an integration we have been asked for for years that we were finally able to get going. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with Emergency Reporting to start pushing Active911 alert data automatically into ER to make report generation more seamless.

How it works:
Emergency Reporting will be able to generate an agency code for you by filling out this form.
Once you have an agency code, in the agency tab of Active911 is a new spot for integrations. Select Emergency Reporting and put your agency code in the box.
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 2.49.48 PM

From there on out, each CAD message Active911 receives will be populated as an incident in Emergency Reporting. In this initial pass, we hit some of the major fields we know we get on a regular basis like the time we received the CAD message, the address, city, and state, and any information in our notes section as the narrative. We have set this integration up to respect the duplicate detection options in the Agency tab, if your dispatch sends multiple messages that add additional information for the same alert, we will pass that additional information to the correct Emergency Reporting incident. Additionally, the incidents Active911 sends will have it’s own Incident Number for the year, starting at 1 each year and incrementing up for each successive call, which will be independent of other systems that populate incidents. You could theoretically have an incident number from some other place that ER has identified as 2017-4356, with the last Active911 incident being 2017-55. The next Active911 Incident will be 2017-56, not 2017-4357.

Where we are heading with this integration:
Our early testers of this integration have told us the next step is populating the apparatus times from the CAD’s closeout/run report. We’re working on a reliable way to parse that information when it is sent to us, then passing it to Emergency Reporting correctly. If you want to get that information into ER, the first step is ensuring you are getting closeout/run report information from your CAD sent to Active911. The next step is ensuring those calls are labeled as RUN REPORT in the call section. If they’re not, shoot us a quick message and we will make sure to fix it. From there, once we’ve figured out that reliable format, we’ll start sending that info to Emergency Reporting.

Feel like something is missing from the integration? Let us know

Quick iOS release to fix bugs with a couple features

Today we are releasing another update to the App Store with a few more fixes and a couple of new features.



One change we’ve made to address the issue of needing to wait to download a lot of alerts before you can access the latest one: calls now load from newest to oldest in the alerts list.

Also there’s another new feature in the alerts list view; with this release you can now manually pull to refresh if you ever need to make sure your list is fully up to date:



We’ve also added a new option when sending an alert from the app for ‘non-emergency’ which can be used to send notifications with an alternative ringtone. With this initial version we’ve picked a default tone for these types of alerts (The ‘Hose Cart’ ringtone), but in the future we would like to make this fully customizable (being able to choose your ringtone for different types of alerts):





This release also includes a few bugfixes:

  • Fix for position reporting to keep stationary devices from disappearing off the map.
  • Fix for a fairly old bug that frequently caused the alerts view to become unresponsive/frozen.
  • UI fix for the ‘off but available’ duty status option.
  • Fix for a crash in the assignments view when the categories refresh due to reassignments.

New Windows Apps Update!

Today we launched an update to all three of our apps for the Windows platforms. For our PC app this means a regular update with new features, but this also brings our phone and tablet apps much more in line with the PC. Therefore our phone and tablet apps have a new look and feel and have been given all the features that the PC app has.

phone_alert_detail tablet_alert_detail

In these images of the phone and tablet apps, you can see that they have an almost identical view layout.

In addition to the updated views and feature parity with the desktop app, there have been a number of new features such as:

  • New feature to send chat messages within an agency
  • Added turn by turn directions to the desktop app
  • New AVL reporting feature in the desktop app allows you to push personnel positions to another program
  • New colors have been added to map icons
  • Added the ability for the desktop app to preview ringtones before selecting them

And some improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Improved the way we keep an active connection to Active911 which is much more stable
  • Uses more readable font size on locations
  • Update Available popup no longer nags the user and blocks the use of the app

Crushing bugs in the new iOS version, released today!

For this release we mainly focussed on bug fixes and internal updates for better compatibility with newer versions of iOS.

In order to move forward and make some essential changes/fixes we have had to increase the minimum version of iOS that we support with this release from 6.0 to 8.0. We will try our best to keep the existing version of the app working for you if you are stuck on 6 or 7 but it’s getting more difficult to support so it’s unlikely that we will provide any new builds with new features for these version of iOS.

One of the many benefits of this minimum version increase is that we were finally able to update to the latest version of Google maps which is more stable and more performant.

Also in this release we’ve added a few fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that started in iOS11 where stationary devices would stop reporting their position while using precise background position reporting.
  • Also we started getting reports of certain features (responses, position reporting, chat, etc.) not working on some T-Mobile cellular devices. We tracked it down to an issue with the underlying XMPP and sockets libraries having issues on IPv6 only networks and so we updated them and added a bugfix to address this problem.
  • Lastly in response to some feedback we received on the chat feature in the last release, we’ve included a way to enable/disable it via the website and that ties into some changes included in this release.


New Android Version Released Last Friday!

A new version of Active911 for Android has been released last Friday. The version number is You can get it from the Play Store with the following changes listed below.

New Features:

Unassign Devices

You can now un-assign devices from an assignment. ?For yourself, you can do this from the Settings View.

First, select the “Active911Assignment” option under the Agency. ?Then, select “Automatic”.


This will unassign you, defaulting to “Unassigned” unless you have a different assignment scheduled in the calendar.

You can also do this from the Personnel View.

First, long-press a device you want to unassign. ?If you want to unassign multiple devices, tap each other one you want to unassign until all are highlighted.

Then, tap the dropdown and select “Automatic”.


Now, hit “ASSIGN” to apply the changes. ?You can choose to make the update “Silent” or “Notify Users” if you want their ringtone to sound.

The selected devices will go back to “Unassigned” unless they have another assignment scheduled in the calendar.



Email Alert Report

You can now send an email of the alert report.

First, go to the alert report by tapping “Report” in the Alert View.


Then, hit the “EMAIL REPORT” button.


This will bring up an email with the Alert Report as well as the Alert’s details in your default email client.



Dark Theme Maps

If you are using either of the Experimental Dark themes, the Map View will now be dark themed as well.



Marker Colors

We have now added additional marker colors, so you can now choose any of the following:

    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Fluorescent Green
    • Light Blue
    • Black

Real-time Marker Updates

Location marker changes now update in real time.

If you update the location or color/icon of a marker on one device, all other devices in your agency will immediately see the changes made to the marker.


Bug Fixes:

  • Uninstalling the app now clears the app’s data.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple lines in the notes field would cause “Send Alert” to return an error.
  • Fixed a bug where the settings menu wouldn’t show pagegroups after startup.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the report view from showing data.