Big(ish) data and loving it

I was sitting here, in the dark, at 2 AM and wishing that Facebook would allow me to post under my real name. ?I work at Active911 but when I post on our Facebook wall, it all looks like the same person posting (you can never tell who “I” is).

The reason I wanted to use my real persona is because my feelings tonight are very personal. ?I just finished converting some 40 million or so records from one data type to another, so that Jonathan can proceed with his feature rollout (the much requested response button renaming). After I converted the records, I started working on our new sharded?data store (more on that some other day) and created a new Github repo called “bard” (rhymes with “shard” 🙂 ) to manage all of this. ?I’m currently planning on storing Thrift-serialized data in a MySQL blob column.

AND I FREAKING LOVE THIS STUFF. ?I guess it sounds boring to non techies, but this kind of stuff makes my engine purr. I love the stuffing out of my job.

Let’s hear it for everyone out there who loves what they do!


Business really boils down to rather fundamental things: people and relationships. ?People can help each other (hopefully); influence each other; and in the worst case, exploit each other. ?Businesses can also do all of these things, which in the end makes a business very much like a person.

I would like Active911 to be a good person, and in that sense I think some level of transparency is fitting. ?I’ve kicked off this blog so that we can share what we are doing and what we are thinking in a way that is less formal than the rituals of business require.

There is another goal, too, a more personal one. ?I’m not very good at keeping notes, or at least journals, and I think it would be nice to have a place to store my thoughts and refer to them later.