The Constant Learner: Windows Tablet Beta has arrived.

I have been working hard on the Windows Tablet version of our app for quite some time now, and I am happy to let you all know we are opening testing up to beta testers. ?We have a good amount of functionality already in place, with more to be added as we add to our Beta offering in preparation for releasing it to everyone. Here is a quick preview of some of the more common pages in other apps. When we thought about the layout of the app, we wanted to go with a more native look and feel as well as making optimal use of the screen space.

A view of the settings page

A view of the settings page

Agency View

Agency View

A typical view of the alert

Alert view

We are currently looking for Beta Testers, If you are interested instructions can be found at the below link:

Straight from Support: iOS 9.1 update

There have been many phone calls and emails about members not getting a sound with their notification since Apple released iOS 9. I have been tasked with trying to figure out a work around. Apple released its first major update to iOS 9 on Wednesday, and I downloaded it yesterday to start testing. I’ve found significant improvements to the sound notifications. In fact, as far as I can tell I received all of the sound notifications from the accounts that I was receiving calls from. Yesterday, I received about 100 alerts total in about a 5 hour span. I tested it on both wifi and cellular data. I also noticed that my other apps were making notification sounds too. I still can’t find any proof online that Apple has definitely fixed the bug, but from my testing it looks like it is fixed.

If for some reason your device decides not to make a sound notification after you download iOS 9.1, you can try to reset your device. This is NOT a factory reset so you won’t lose any of your data.

To reset your settings, open your phone settings app. Then tap on general, scroll down to the bottom, and then tap on ?Reset.? Then tap on ?Reset All Settings.? This will reset all of your phone’s settings like alarms, wallpaper, touch ID, pass code, etc., but you will not lose any data like contacts or photos.

If you continue to have issues with the notification sounds after doing the update, please let support know. We are here to help, and if we know about the issue, we can continue to look for solutions. Also, if you find that the 9.1 update that Apple put out has fixed the issue, we would love to hear it!

If you need to speak with tech support are number is 541-223-7992 or you can email us at

The Constant Learner: APCO Thoughts

Firstly, thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and said “Hi”. ?We enjoy talking to you all and associating names with faces. ?One of the major takeaways for me was the fact that we could be improving communcation between first responders and dispatchers. ?We could open new lines of communcation and responsiveness by working to integrate with different CAD systems, and that it may be worthwhile for us to explore this avenue.

I went and spoke with many CAD vendors and made some contacts, but before we do anything I think it would be helpful to ask some questions to see where we should focus our efforts.

When we talk of CAD integration, what would you consider essential components?

What information can Active911 provide to dispatchers that they would make their lives easier? What would be helpful? ?Basic positions, responses and possibly duty status?

From what I saw on display at the show, PSAPs have a wealth of information at their fingertips. ?What information could we take from a CAD that would be helpful to first responders? ?What are things you wish you had available, but maybe need to ask dispatch for?


The Constant Learner: Assignments

As our assignments feature is nearing open-beta, I thought I would take a shot at explaining how ?we have set it up to work.

We designed the system to be very flexible to be very customizable. ?The first step of the process is to add some assignments to the assignments tab. ?It can be anything, but we sort of envisioned a couple of scenarios. ?It could be?a qualification like pump operator,?a physical place like station 1, a work schedule like shift 1, or an event like ‘Pancake breakfast this Sunday’.

Once the assignment is created, you can then go to the Scheduling tab to set up when an assignment is meant to occur by clicking on the date. ?From there, you will get a popup asking for a name of the event. ?It can be the same as the assignment or different, when it will start and and, and optionally how often the event happens. ?If the event is recurring, you can set an end date to have it stop or have the event go into the indefinite future by leaving it blank. ?The last option is to add devices to the event. ?Just start typing the name of the device and we will give suggestions.

After the event is added, if there was assignment and devices, those devices will show as that assignment during the duration of the event unless the device is overriden inside the app.

For example, in our case of the pump operator assignment you can add events for shifts of pump operators. ?There could be a pump shift 1, 2 and 3, each occuring at a different time with different devices assigned. ?When an alarm is received a quick glance at the personnel tab can show you how many devices are currently assigned to the pump operator assignment.

That is the basic use case we have prepared for, but we are excited to hear feedback and suggestions on how to improve the usability and the use-cases everyone can come up with.


The Constant Learner: Introduction

Hello everyone!

I guess I am the next developer to introduce myself. I started with Active911 just as it was getting started as a Customer Service Technician, way back in March of 2013 and transitioned into the development side several months ago.

While Active911 was getting off the ground, we relied heavily on Cadpage and the work they had done with their parser library. As Active911 grew, some problems became apparent. Cadpage became unable to support the sheer amount of new parsers and parser adjustments that Active911 required, and the programmer for Cadpage ended up overwhelmed and overworked. About a year into my support role, Active911 targeted this area for improvement and developed some tools to allow parsers to be built and maintained more easily. Knowing how many people were waiting for parsers, the support team worked feverishly on the backlog. Whenever we weren’t on a phone call or handling an email ticket, we were working on a parser trying to get as many departments up and running as we could.

When Active911 decided we needed someone to work on parsers exclusively, I was experienced enough to handle the transition and volunteered. In my free time, I took to learning computer programming from the ground up. After several months of near constant learning, I had become proficient enough to start contributing to Active911 development, so here I am. I build and maintain the parser library, doing my best to make sure your messages come through in a way that is readable and mappable. I also work with our more experienced developers to produce new and exciting features.

In terms of my recent projects, I have been working with the rest of the team to develop a calendar/assignment tab on the main website and tying that into webview to add a PAR board component. I am also working to speed up and streamline the Activation process to help new accounts get the parsers they need faster and more efficiently. Once that is wrapped up, I will begin assisting in the development of the windows tablet.

Here is a brief look at the webview PAR board before it hits beta testing:

Sneek Peek