New iOS Release in the App Store Right Now!

Go to the App store on your iOS device and search for Active911. You will see version 1.5.25 is ready for you to update! Here are the new features that are in it!

New Features

  • Delete chat messages individually. When you are on the chat tab, all individuals have the ability to delete their own chat messages. Admins can give any device the capability to delete any messages out of the chat tab by going to the devices tab on the website.

View of deleting individual chat messages.


Admins need to check the edit chat capability for each device to allow them to delete any chat messages.


  • Change duty status via 3D touch on the app icon. If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, you now have the ability to set your duty status via 3D touch. Just press down a little bit harder and a menu will show up like in the picture below. This will change your duty status for all the agencies that you are part of.

3D touch option for changing duty status


  • Map marker view when tapping on a marker to see extended information. Now when you tap on a map marker that has a description associated with it, you will see the name of the marker and the description.

Now you can see all the details of the description for map markers.


  • No longer a default agency when you send an alert from the app. If you are part of multiple agencies, you will now have to select which agency you want to send an alert to.


Tap the drop down at the top to select the agency that you want to send an alert to

View after you top the dropdown. Shows the list of agencies that you can send an alert to.












If you have questions about any of these new features please contact our support team at or at 541-223-7992.

Family SMS notifications are now live!

We have had the family sms program in beta for a few months, and we have finally made the live release today! Starting today, you can login as a user and activate your family’s device for a year versus having to re-activate it each month. Below are are a few frequently asked questions about family SMS.

How does the family notification system work?

When a users device gets an alert, they will need to tap a response. The family member that the user has linked to their account will receive a text message letting them know their response. The only response that won’t send a text message when tapped is “unvl.”

What information gets sent to my family member?

The default information that gets sent has the member’s name and then what response they tapped. If you want more information to be sent, this can be set by one of the admins of the account or someone with edit agency permissions. It is an agency wide change, but the admin can set the call name, place, time, date, and/or address to be sent to the family member.

How do I add my family member to receive notifications?

  1. Login to the website and go to the tab with your name on it.

2. Click on the “+ Add Number” button


3. Enter in the phone number (required) and relation (optional) and click the green save button

4. Click the Activate button to pay for the device

Currently, only individuals can pay for family members, but very soon we will give agencies the ability to pay for family devices as well.

How much does a family SMS device cost for the year?

It costs $10 USD per family device that you want to get notifications for your responses.

If you have more questions, please contact our support team at or call them at 541-223-7992.

New Website Released!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are very excited to announce that our new website is up! We will still have the old website available at, so if you have any issues, you can go back and use that for the time being.

If you do have issues on the new website, please report them to our support team, so we can address them!

Note: There is an active issue with IE (Internet Explorer), so if you do use that internet browser please use our old website We are working on getting that IE issue fixed quickly and it should be done next week!

Quick Tip: If you have bookmarked any urls for our old website, please don’t use them since they won’t work. You will need to go to and then create new bookmarks.

We hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do!


Training Thursday: Sharing Map Data

Ever want to share your map data with a neighboring department, but you don’t have a file of those map data points you entered into Active911? Well, this Training Thursday, we will show you how you can easily share your map data with that neighboring department that is using Active911 too!

You need one person to be on both agencies with at the very least the “Edit Locations” permission selected in the users tab. They don’t need a device on the account, only user access. Let’s dive in on how to do this.

    1. 1. An admin will need to login to and go to the users tab. The admin makes sure that the member (the person you want to manage your map data, in this example John Smith), has the “Edit Locations” permission selected like the picture below. You can also add a new user and give them this permission.

2. Now the admin of the other agency adds that same person to their account with the “Edit Locations” permission selected. In this example, it would be adding John Smith to their account.

3. Once the map locations manager (John Smith) has been added to both accounts with the “Edit Locations” permission, they can login to

4. After logging in, they go to the map data tab. This should be the map data tab of the agency that has the map data on it.

5. Then click on the “Share Map Data” button.

6. A new window will open with a list of agencies that you can share the map data with. Check the box and click “Save”.

Now the map data will show up on the map for all the devices on either of those agencies, and you can share with as many agencies as you would like! One thing to note is that if have duplicate map markers, they will show up on the map on top of each other.

If you have more questions about map data sharing, please contact Happy Thursday and Stay Safe!

Training Thursday: Deleting Chat Messages from the Website

We rolled out the first version of chat messaging a few months ago and have been making iterations on it as we get feedback. One request has been to give the ability to delete chat messages. At this moment, an admin or member with edit agency permissions has the ability to delete all messages in the chat from the new website. Here’s how:

  1. Login to under the member access area and at the top of the page you will see this image:

2. Click on the “here” to access the new website. (We are still working on this new website, but it is almost done!)

3. Go to the agency tab and scroll down towards the bottom and you will see this:

4. Under Enable Chat, there is a “Clear all Chat Messages” question with a delete button to the right. Click the delete button if you would like to delete ALL of the chat messages in the app for the entire agency.

5. If you’re in the chat tab on the app itself, you will need to tap another tab and re-enter it to see that all the messages have been deleted.

This is the only option we have for deleting chat messages at this time, but we are currently working on having a delete option within the app itself for all the platforms.

If you have any questions about this or feedback, please give our support team a call at 541-223-7992!

Happy Training Thursday and Stay Safe!


Training Thursday – Duty Status Options

You can change your duty status in the settings of the Active911 app under your agency. If you are part of multiple departments, then you can change it for each agency!

We have 3 different duty status options for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Apple and Android also have one more option and Windows will be getting it in the future.

Duty Status on Apple Device

Let’s take a closer look at those different options:

  • On Duty: If you have this selected, then your device will receive alerts.
  • Off Duty: If you have this selected, then your device will not receive alerts.
  • Off Duty Available (Apple & Android Only): If you have this selected, you will only receive alerts when you are within 5 miles of the location of the alert.
  • Automatic: This should only be selected if you have a shift assigned to your device. If you have have a shift assigned, then your device will automatically put you on and off duty based off of your shift schedule. Note: Only admins or users with edit devices permissions can set a shift for your device.

Happy Training Thursday and Stay Safe!

Training Thursday: Always or Failover Group

It’s Training Thursday so let’s sharpen up on the Always or failover group! This is especially important for those of you that use the pagegroup option with us!

What are those and why do they matter?

When setting up groups based on units, where our system automatically sends to the groups and not to a prefixed email address, it is extremely important to set up an always or failover group. By setting up a group called “Always” or “Failover”, it means that all calls will go to that group, plus the corresponding unit groups.

The importance of this is when your dispatch center does an update on their CAD and starts sending to us in a different format than before, you will start to get General Alerts. If you are seeing General Alerts that means that we aren’t parsing out the units, which means you won’t be getting alerts to groups with unit names. However, if you set up an always or failover group and have one person in them, then you can catch that the parser needs to be fixed and let us know.

If you are using groups, don’t forget to have an always or failover group! Let us know if you have questions at!

Training Thursday: Family SMS – BETA

This week, we have rolled out a new feature called Family SMS, which is currently in beta.

How it works: When the user taps a response button, that gets sent over to the family member that you added on the users tab. The family member receives a text message letting them know what your response is to that alert. This way they know where you are.

Now for the training! Here’s how you set it up:

  1. Admins, login to the website and if you aren’t using the new website you will see this message below, so click on the here. This will take you to our new website. You might have to login again and if you do, click “login” at the top.

2. Go to the Agency tab and scroll down to the bottom.

3. To the right of “Enable Family SMS?” It will have “No” highlighted. Click on “Yes” to turn it on for your users.


If you want more information to be sent to the family members, you can select any of the SMS call fields to include and those will be sent within the text message.

Once the above steps have been done, any user can add family members. Here’s how:

4. After the user has logged in (you might have to do step 1 above to get to the new website), go to the tab with your name on it.

5. There you will see “Family SMS Phone Numbers” below your devices with a “+ Add Number” button. Click on that button to add the phone number of the member you want to receive text messages.

6.  Type in the member’s phone number and then click the green save button.

7. That’s it! If you ever want to remove them, then click the red trash can icon button.



Training Thursday: What is the difference between Background GPS and Foreground GPS

Let’s talk about GPS on your Active911 device for today’s Training Thursday. Last June, we released a new feature that allows devices to show on the map in the Active911 app even when they have the app in the background on their device. Before this point, your device would only show up when you had the app open or in the foreground on your phone. Here’s a little more detail about each:

Foreground GPS

Having this turned on means that your device will only show on the map when you have the app open on your device. You will still get routing even if you turn this off.

If you choose to turn this off, you will not be seen on the map and you won’t get routing to an alert in the app.














Background GPS

We created this feature mostly for devices that are in an apparatus, so the members of the department can tell where they are located even if they exit out of the app. There are a couple of settings that you can choose for the background GPS

    • Reduced Accuracy (iOS) / Battery Saving (Android) – if you choose this option, your device will show up on the map even when you don’t have the app open. However, your phone won’t constantly be pinging the GPS satellite, so it saves your battery a bit.
    • Precise Accuracy (iOS) / High Accuracy (Android) – this option will use a lot of battery juice because it will be reporting your location constantly. We recommend you have a charger nearby or have these devices constantly hooked up.
    • Off – This means you will not be reporting your position on the map when you have the app backgrounded. This is the default setting whenever you download or update your device.


Training Thursday: How to test the Active911 System to see if it is down

This week I was in San Diego for Firehouse World and a question came up that I thought would be a great Training Thursday blog post. The question was, “how do I know if Active911 is down or if the issue is on my dispatch side?” This is a very common question and yet I somehow didn’t think about posting this till now!

There is actually a very simple way to check if our system is down and here are the steps you should take.

  1. Login to the Active911 website through the member access area and go to the Agency tab.
  2. Locate the Active911 email. It is below the pie chart and starts with some numbers, a dash, and then a mix of letters and numbers. Like this:

Example of an alert email address


       3. Copy the alert email address and open your personal or work email to compose a message.

4. Send an email from your work or personal email address to the alert email address. The alert email address is the same as any other email address. Anything that you send to it, will go to all the devices on the account as a “general alert”, so make sure you put test in the body of the email.

If the email gets to your device or you see it on the alarms tab of the website, then our system is working. We recommend contacting your dispatch center at this point.

If it doesn’t go to your phone or you don’t see it on the alarms tab of the website, then contact us!

Let us know if you have further questions about this and happy Thursday!