New iOS Release in the App Store Right Now!

Go to the App store on your iOS device and search for Active911. You will see version 1.5.25 is ready for you to update! Here are the new features that are in it!

New Features

  • Delete chat messages individually. When you are on the chat tab, all individuals have the ability to delete their own chat messages. Admins can give any device the capability to delete any messages out of the chat tab by going to the devices tab on the website.

View of deleting individual chat messages.


Admins need to check the edit chat capability for each device to allow them to delete any chat messages.


  • Change duty status via 3D touch on the app icon. If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, you now have the ability to set your duty status via 3D touch. Just press down a little bit harder and a menu will show up like in the picture below. This will change your duty status for all the agencies that you are part of.

3D touch option for changing duty status


  • Map marker view when tapping on a marker to see extended information. Now when you tap on a map marker that has a description associated with it, you will see the name of the marker and the description.

Now you can see all the details of the description for map markers.


  • No longer a default agency when you send an alert from the app. If you are part of multiple agencies, you will now have to select which agency you want to send an alert to.


Tap the drop down at the top to select the agency that you want to send an alert to

View after you top the dropdown. Shows the list of agencies that you can send an alert to.












If you have questions about any of these new features please contact our support team at or at 541-223-7992.