Family SMS notifications are now live!

We have had the family sms program in beta for a few months, and we have finally made the live release today! Starting today, you can login as a user and activate your family’s device for a year versus having to re-activate it each month. Below are are a few frequently asked questions about family SMS.

How does the family notification system work?

When a users device gets an alert, they will need to tap a response. The family member that the user has linked to their account will receive a text message letting them know their response. The only response that won’t send a text message when tapped is “unvl.”

What information gets sent to my family member?

The default information that gets sent has the member’s name and then what response they tapped. If you want more information to be sent, this can be set by one of the admins of the account or someone with edit agency permissions. It is an agency wide change, but the admin can set the call name, place, time, date, and/or address to be sent to the family member.

How do I add my family member to receive notifications?

  1. Login to the website and go to the tab with your name on it.

2. Click on the “+ Add Number” button


3. Enter in the phone number (required) and relation (optional) and click the green save button

4. Click the Activate button to pay for the device

Currently, only individuals can pay for family members, but very soon we will give agencies the ability to pay for family devices as well.

How much does a family SMS device cost for the year?

It costs $10 USD per family device that you want to get notifications for your responses.

If you have more questions, please contact our support team at or call them at 541-223-7992.