Override silent for iOS released yesterday!

Yesterday, we released a small update for our iOS app to the App Store.

Active911 for iOS 1.5.23

This release includes a new feature called “Silent Override”:

This feature, if turned on, will use the standard iOS media player method of playing ringtones instead of the normal system ringtones method. This way if you have you ringer on silent, Active911 will still be able to play an audible sound for alerts.

Also in this release we included a couple of bugs fixes.

  1. If you have alert coordinates from dispatch, we’ll show those for the location on Apple Maps instead of trying to geolocate the location based on the address (previously this worked in Google Maps but this bug fix makes the feature work consistently across both map providers)
  2. Previously there was an issue where if you turned off GPS position reporting in the app, there were a couple of cases in which it could still ended up sending coordinates to our services. Now with this version of the app if you’ve disabled this feature in the app settings it should never report your position.

Lastly we’ve also included a rewritten version of the Apple Watch app with this release. This was necessary because the original app was built on SDK 1.0 which is now no longer supported. So if you use the watch app, let us know if you have any feedback as to how the new app compares to the old one and what else you’d like us to do with it.

If you have more questions contact our support team at support@active911.com and stay safe!