Unread Chat Messages & Continuous Re-paging in the New Android Release!

Today we are releasing Android  Here are the new features and bug fixes for this release:

New Features

– Added indicator on chat icon with number of unread messages

The icon for chat throughout the app now includes a number badge indicating how many unread messages you have across all your agencies.

Going into the chat list, you can see how many unread messages each individual agency has

In the settings, there is now an option for “Continuous Re-paging”.

Turning this on will cause alerts to continue their ringtone until you either:

  1. Open the alert in the app


2. Expand or Swipe away the Active911 Notification(s) in your notification bar

Note: If you have “Auto-Open” set, you will need to interact with the alert to make it stop ringing.

For the Popup Dialogue, you can click any of the buttons to turn off the continuous re-paging option.

For the Original Auto-Open, you just need to interact with the alert by tapping any of the links, or even just scrolling down to see the notes.

We also added long-press capability to copy address from alert detail view. You can now long-press the address of an alert to copy it, just like any other field in the alert view.

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed issue where Map Markers would not show the right agency when editing

– Fixed issue where the settings view would break on large tablets