Training Thursday Tip: Continuous Re-paging Feature

Happy New Year Everyone! We are really looking forward to a great 2018! We are on another short week due to the holiday, which means we didn’t get to making a Training Thursday video. Instead, let’s talk about the new continuous re-paging feature on Android and iOS devices. Windows it’s coming soon! We’ve been getting quite a few questions about it so we wanted to help make the feature more clear.

Continuous re-paging was created with the deep sleeper in mind. It will continuously make an audible sound at you until you acknowledge it in some way. The sound will be the tone that you have selected for your agency in the settings of the app.

Here are the specifics for both clients to help add some clarity to the new feature:

iOS devices:

If you have this button turned on (the switch will be green), you will need to open the app or respond to get the audible to stop making a sound.

Android Devices:

If you have the continuous re-paging box checked in your settings of the app, you will need to either open the app, or expand or swipe away the Active911 notification in your notification bar.

If you have “Auto-Open” set, you will need to interact with the alert to make it stop ringing.

If you have Popup Dialogue set, you can click any of the buttons to turn off the continuous re-paging option.

If you have Original Auto-Open set, you need to interact with the alert by tapping any of the links, or even just scrolling down to see the notes.