iOS App Update

Today we released an update to the iOS App, and it is version 1.5.19. This version of the app includes some notable new features:

Chat History

Chat rooms will start including old messages (messages sent from this version of the app and onward) and you will be able to pull down at the top of the list in a chatroom to make sure you have the latest messages sent through.






Chat Unread Badges

These badges display the number of unread messages. The number on the chat tab is the total count which adds together the individual counts from each of the chat rooms. Visiting a chat room will reset its number back to zero.






App Info View

The settings view now has a button in the top right corner which takes you to a view with some information about the current version of app that you are using. If you report issues to support, this is an easy spot to grab the version number and pass it on to them!




Continuous Re-paging Option

If this option in your settings is enabled, the app will repeatedly notify you (via a notification every 20 seconds) for an alarm until you respond or open the app. For those heavy sleepers out there, this should help wake you up!