Emergency Reporting Integration

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’d like to tell you about an integration we have been asked for for years that we were finally able to get going. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with Emergency Reporting to start pushing Active911 alert data automatically into ER to make report generation more seamless.

How it works:
Emergency Reporting will be able to generate an agency code for you by filling out this form.
Once you have an agency code, in the agency tab of Active911 is a new spot for integrations. Select Emergency Reporting and put your agency code in the box.
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 2.49.48 PM

From there on out, each CAD message Active911 receives will be populated as an incident in Emergency Reporting. In this initial pass, we hit some of the major fields we know we get on a regular basis like the time we received the CAD message, the address, city, and state, and any information in our notes section as the narrative. We have set this integration up to respect the duplicate detection options in the Agency tab, if your dispatch sends multiple messages that add additional information for the same alert, we will pass that additional information to the correct Emergency Reporting incident. Additionally, the incidents Active911 sends will have it’s own Incident Number for the year, starting at 1 each year and incrementing up for each successive call, which will be independent of other systems that populate incidents. You could theoretically have an incident number from some other place that ER has identified as 2017-4356, with the last Active911 incident being 2017-55. The next Active911 Incident will be 2017-56, not 2017-4357.

Where we are heading with this integration:
Our early testers of this integration have told us the next step is populating the apparatus times from the CAD’s closeout/run report. We’re working on a reliable way to parse that information when it is sent to us, then passing it to Emergency Reporting correctly. If you want to get that information into ER, the first step is ensuring you are getting closeout/run report information from your CAD sent to Active911. The next step is ensuring those calls are labeled as RUN REPORT in the call section. If they’re not, shoot us a quick message and we will make sure to fix it. From there, once we’ve figured out that reliable format, we’ll start sending that info to Emergency Reporting.

Feel like something is missing from the integration? Let us know