Quick iOS release to fix bugs with a couple features

Today we are releasing another update to the App Store with a few more fixes and a couple of new features.



One change we’ve made to address the issue of needing to wait to download a lot of alerts before you can access the latest one: calls now load from newest to oldest in the alerts list.

Also there’s another new feature in the alerts list view; with this release you can now manually pull to refresh if you ever need to make sure your list is fully up to date:



We’ve also added a new option when sending an alert from the app for ‘non-emergency’ which can be used to send notifications with an alternative ringtone. With this initial version we’ve picked a default tone for these types of alerts (The ‘Hose Cart’ ringtone), but in the future we would like to make this fully customizable (being able to choose your ringtone for different types of alerts):





This release also includes a few bugfixes:

  • Fix for position reporting to keep stationary devices from disappearing off the map.
  • Fix for a fairly old bug that frequently caused the alerts view to become unresponsive/frozen.
  • UI fix for the ‘off but available’ duty status option.
  • Fix for a crash in the assignments view when the categories refresh due to reassignments.