Crushing bugs in the new iOS version, released today!

For this release we mainly focussed on bug fixes and internal updates for better compatibility with newer versions of iOS.

In order to move forward and make some essential changes/fixes we have had to increase the minimum version of iOS that we support with this release from 6.0 to 8.0. We will try our best to keep the existing version of the app working for you if you are stuck on 6 or 7 but it’s getting more difficult to support so it’s unlikely that we will provide any new builds with new features for these version of iOS.

One of the many benefits of this minimum version increase is that we were finally able to update to the latest version of Google maps which is more stable and more performant.

Also in this release we’ve added a few fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that started in iOS11 where stationary devices would stop reporting their position while using precise background position reporting.
  • Also we started getting reports of certain features (responses, position reporting, chat, etc.) not working on some T-Mobile cellular devices. We tracked it down to an issue with the underlying XMPP and sockets libraries having issues on IPv6 only networks and so we updated them and added a bugfix to address this problem.
  • Lastly in response to some feedback we received on the chat feature in the last release, we’ve included a way to enable/disable it via the website and that ties into some changes included in this release.