Ocean County 911 operator figures out a faster way to save lives

Jordan thought to himself, what if the 911 center coulld simply use the Active911 software to dispatch for MONOC and Quality too? That would eliminate a huge amount of redundancy and increase the response time to such life-and-death calls.

“It’s crucial when things get real hectic, that’s when it’s really important,” Mastronardy explained. “There are times when a 911 operator is on the phone with somebody and then they also get hit with a fire and an overturned motor vehicle. The change we’ve made speeds up the process.”

The length of time spent on the phone for such calls has been cut from 116 minutes per day to just 17 minutes per day, Jordan said.

That’s a savings of about 60 hours per month or 720 hours per year. Moreover, the technology reduces the potential for human error, Jordan said.

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