CM Security AppLock AntiVirus disabling Android Notification tones

Within the last couple of months our Support staff has had numerous Android users contact them about their phones receiving Active911 alerts without audible notification. A majority of those users had an app called ?CM Security AppLock AntiVirus? installed on their device.

Within the settings menu of that app is a ?Notification Manager? option. One of the features of that option is titled ?Notification Cleaner?, which you can use to set notifications for apps on your phone to ?Don’t disturb?. If Active911 is on the ?Don’t disturb? list, your phone won’t ring when you receive an alert through Active911. Android users not getting sounds on notifications should check to see if they have CM Security installed on their phone, and if they do, they should make sure that Active911 isn’t set to ?Don’t disturb? within the ?Notification Cleaner? feature of the app.

There are other security and anti-virus apps available for Android devices that might function in similar ways. If you have other security/anti-virus apps installed, we recommend checking the settings within those apps to make sure they aren’t blocking notifications from Active911.

Here is how to take Active911 off of the “Don’t disturb list”.
Here is a screen shot of the main CM Security menu. Use the icon on the top right with three horizontal lines to access the settings:

Here is a screenshot of the settings menu within the app, where you can find the ?Notification Manager? option:CMSecurity2

Once you’ve selected ?Notification Manager?, you will be taken to the following screen. Choose the gear icon near the top right:

On the following screen, make sure the ?Don’t disturb? option isn’t turned on for Active911: