New features for iOS


In this updated we?ve made several improvements to the map views.

Tapping the globe icon shows the following options for toggling layers and?switching between map types. Tap the map type icon itself (next to ?Aerial?) to rotate between Aerial, Hybrid, & Road.

If you select a marker on the map you will see a list of options on the toolbar. You can view the resources for the location (if available) and you can also edit the marker itself.?Any map markers changes are now displayed in real-time, so try it out on a few different devices! Also shown in the bottom right corner of this picture is the new map-centering button. This feature has been included for both Apple and Google maps in this update.

Last but not least, this update contains a handful of bug fixes notably including:?Responding using the buttons on either of the following screens (lock screen or banner notifications) should now work as expected.