June 2016: New Icons, Windows Apps and more.

Hello everyone! We have some more Active911 updates for you.

– We?ve added icons from NFPA standard 170, tables 10.2.2 and 10.3.2 to the apps. These are symbols for emergency management mapping. We are planning on adding more icons in the upcoming months. This will help you keep your maps NFPA compliant.

– On that note, it is now possible to add markers directly from the apps! From the map, long press to get a context menu. From here you can pick an icon and type in details. The new marker will be visible to everyone in your agency.

– Speaking of apps, we have fully functional Windows Tablet and Windows PC apps. This is the result of lots of work and makes it possible to start adding Active911 to those Surfaces and Toughbooks that you love. We paid special attention to the GPS integration in the Toughbook, so your Toughbook equipped trucks now have functional AVL (automatic vehicle location).

– Finally, don?t forget that you can send us your ESRI ?shapefiles? (map files) for us to use in geocoding your incidents. If Google mapping in your area is spotty, this is one way for us to make sure the map pin gets dropped in the right location every time.