New Marker Feature in iOS Beta

We have been busy working here in the office lately! Today we get to share some of the fruits of all this hard work with you. We have released an update to the iOS Beta app that has some improvements and one exciting new feature. Mainly, we have added the ability to create map markers from within the iOS app!

If you are an iOS beta tester and you want to have access to the new create marker feature, then you will need the ‘Edit Map Markers’ capability enabled for your device. Find your device on the device tab of the web console, and edit it to enable this capability. You will need to restart the app on your phone in order for this change to take effect.


In order to support this new feature, we have had to make room on the secondary bar that shows up on the bottom of the map when the screen is held. Now, the Nearest Marker button and the Create Marker button are combined into one button that is labeled ‘Marker’. When you select this button, it will pop up a submenu that contains the two options.


Similarly, the Create Alert button has been labeled ‘Alert’ and will popup a submenu giving you a create alert option with an edit alert option.


After selecting a location on the map and navigating to the create marker option, you will be brought to a view that will ask for some basic information. You can provide a title and description for the new map marker. In addition you have the option to select the new markers color and icon. And just to make it easy to see what the marker will look like once it is created, there is a preview of the marker that will update as you select different colors and icons. Finalize the creation of a new marker by selecting Create in the upper right portion of the screen.


Now if there is a missing location in your area, you can add it just from your phone!

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