Updates to PC Beta!

This week we have an update to the PC Beta app that we have been building improvements into. This version should be more stable than previous versions and be considerably closer to a public release. There is still room for many features and improvements, but it has all of the most basic functionality built in already.

The first thing I will introduce you to is the right click menu since it will lead us in to many of the new features in this build. Whenever you right click on the map, you will get a context menu that pops up with some information and a few options. The first line is going to be the exact latitude and longitude position that you clicked on. Right clicking on the map also drops a target at those coordinates, and the last option is to remove that target if you don’t want it to display anymore.


In this build you can create and edit alerts. There are three different locations in the app where this option is present. The first place you may notice it is as the first button in the Active911 menu at the top of the screen. This button will always create a new alert, but if you would like to edit an existing alert, an Edit button will display in the top left area of an alert’s details. You can also create and edit an alert by right clicking on the map and using the alerting menu. If there is an alert drawn on the map, this will allow you to edit that alert. The following three images shows where to find these alerting options.


Note that if any of these options are greyed out or missing, your device may not have the Send Alerts capability enabled for your device. This capability can be enabled through the web console.

After you have select create or edit alert, you will see a window allowing you to input information, choose page groups, and complete the alert.




The Markers option in the right click menu is disabled right now, but the distance ruler is enabled. You can use the distance ruler to measure distances much as you would in the Android or iOS app. Just select distance ruler on the menu. Then the map will lock into place so that it cannot be moved around and you can draw a line with the mouse. The distance of the line will be displayed in the bottom of the screen. Note that if you want the line to show up in english or metric units, you can set your preference in the settings. Once you are done measuring with the ruler, just right click again and select End Ruler Mode.



The next neat addition is the ability to change the map type. Aerial, Aerial With Roads, and just Roads are the currently supported options.

And finally, the Overview and Personnel options in the View menu are enabled. You can switch between a view of your alerts and alert information to a view that contains all of your personnel. Personnel are organized by assignments and the distance to each member is displayed with their last response to a call. Note that distance and call information is only displayed on a member if they have reported their position or responded to a call in the last two hours.

That wraps up this PC Beta update. I look forward to your comments and to pushing more features in the future!

New Marker Feature in iOS Beta

We have been busy working here in the office lately! Today we get to share some of the fruits of all this hard work with you. We have released an update to the iOS Beta app that has some improvements and one exciting new feature. Mainly, we have added the ability to create map markers from within the iOS app!

If you are an iOS beta tester and you want to have access to the new create marker feature, then you will need the ‘Edit Map Markers’ capability enabled for your device. Find your device on the device tab of the web console, and edit it to enable this capability. You will need to restart the app on your phone in order for this change to take effect.


In order to support this new feature, we have had to make room on the secondary bar that shows up on the bottom of the map when the screen is held. Now, the Nearest Marker button and the Create Marker button are combined into one button that is labeled ‘Marker’. When you select this button, it will pop up a submenu that contains the two options.


Similarly, the Create Alert button has been labeled ‘Alert’ and will popup a submenu giving you a create alert option with an edit alert option.


After selecting a location on the map and navigating to the create marker option, you will be brought to a view that will ask for some basic information. You can provide a title and description for the new map marker. In addition you have the option to select the new markers color and icon. And just to make it easy to see what the marker will look like once it is created, there is a preview of the marker that will update as you select different colors and icons. Finalize the creation of a new marker by selecting Create in the upper right portion of the screen.


Now if there is a missing location in your area, you can add it just from your phone!