Updates On The Latest PC Beta

You may have heard already, but yesterday we released an update to our PC Beta app! This update is very exiting because it adds a lot of features that were not present yet in the initial PC Beta. Today, I want to give everyone a peek at what the current app looks like and what it is capable of, so let’s get started.

Interactive Map

This is the first PC app with an interactive map which allows you to bring exactly what is important in to view at the necessary zoom level. In addition, the interactive map displays location markers, routing, and other devices.


In the above image you can see one alert for the Active911 Test Agency with routing to the location. The PC that this screenshot was taken on does not have a GPS so the location accuracy leaves much to be desired (The giant blue circle represents the accuracy of the known location).

The Left Pane


? ? ?When we take a closer look at the top left corner of the app, you should see a drop down menu which will allow the selection of an agency. So if you are a member of more than one agency, you will be able to choose which one’s alerts to display here.


When you select an alert in the left column, the column will change to display all of the information regarding the alert. This includes your response buttons, location and details information as well as a list of who is currently responding to that alert.

As soon as an alert is selected, the alert will be drawn on the map and routing will be drawn from yssour current known location to the alert.

The Right Pane


It gets more exciting when you zoom in and select a map location that your agency has attached resources to. The image above demonstrates that a new right hand bar will pop up that displays your markers information. You can select the resources in the list and view any pre-plans or other documents associated with the location.

And finally, when you are finished viewing an alert or location’s details, just exit out of the pane with the buttons in the top right of each one.


2 thoughts on “Updates On The Latest PC Beta

  1. This update looks good. Couple questions…

    1. Will there be the option of selecting which mapping platform you’d like to use? (Google Maps/Bing/Apple)

    2. Will there be the option of switching back and forth from Satellite View/Street/Hybrid?

    3. Will calls automatically appear on the left pane upon receiving them? Also, will the responders appear beneath the call after their response selection…kind of how webview operates?


  2. My agency is looking to use active as a means to assist officers with location of call and directions of calls. They have Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) in their cars. We are having a hard time getting the computers to transmit GPS Coordinates to Active so dispatch can track the unit to the call. Any suggestions.

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