Active911 – Spillman Interface Released

We?ve released our Spillman interface. It passively queries the Spillman database for new alarms, automatically formats them, and sends them through the active911 SNPP interface. This initial release will only be able to send to one department and page group. Multiple departments and page groups will be supported in the near future; we?re looking for feedback on the best way to implement it.

The app is a Node.js program that runs in the background and queries the Spillman server for new calls every 3 seconds (this time is configurable. When it finds a new call with an associated alarm,?it gets that alarm from Spillman, takes certain fields like ?DescriptionOfAlarm? and? ?InfoForCall? (these are configurable), puts them into a message format that Active911 can parse and sends that message to us through SNPP. For more information, check out the wiki.

If you would have any feedback or would like to start using this app, please contact support?at

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