Developers Log: Takeaway from IAFC

In a previous post, one of my fellow developers spoke of his thoughts after attending APCO. Well, last month was my turn to get to help man the booth at IAFC in Atlanta. ?I would say that I am a somewhat introverted developer which had me pretty nervous about the trip, but once I arrived and started meeting all of the amazing people I found myself really enjoying the whole experience. One of the biggest takeaways for me was just getting the opportunity to meet so many people who use Active911 and to hear their thoughts.

A lot of you who attended just stopped by to show us that you were using our apps and that you were very happy with how it has enabled you. And some of you came by and spoke for a while about different issues that you were having or new features that you would like to see. Some features that were brought up that I think could really make life easier are better ways to manage location markers in bulk and better integration with more CAD systems.

As the Windows developer, there was one thing that really made my day. A few firefighters came up to the booth and one of them wanted to know why Active911 didn’t work on his phone. I asked what kind of phone he had, and out of his pocket came a Windows powered HTC M8. I jumped on the opportunity to introduce him to our Windows Phone app and help him get it all set up.

In all, it was a great experience to see Atlanta, a conference room full of apparatus, and to meet so many friendly people.


Me (Robert Olson) at the Active911 booth in Atlanta, GA.

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