The Constant Learner: APCO Thoughts

Firstly, thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and said “Hi”. ?We enjoy talking to you all and associating names with faces. ?One of the major takeaways for me was the fact that we could be improving communcation between first responders and dispatchers. ?We could open new lines of communcation and responsiveness by working to integrate with different CAD systems, and that it may be worthwhile for us to explore this avenue.

I went and spoke with many CAD vendors and made some contacts, but before we do anything I think it would be helpful to ask some questions to see where we should focus our efforts.

When we talk of CAD integration, what would you consider essential components?

What information can Active911 provide to dispatchers that they would make their lives easier? What would be helpful? ?Basic positions, responses and possibly duty status?

From what I saw on display at the show, PSAPs have a wealth of information at their fingertips. ?What information could we take from a CAD that would be helpful to first responders? ?What are things you wish you had available, but maybe need to ask dispatch for?


Active911 iOS 1.5.1 update

We actually pushed this to Apple some time ago, but it got “stuck” in their process and we had to call them on the phone to get it kicked loose. ?They were very helpful, though, and now 1.5.1 is available for download. ?From the Apple App Store:

What’s New in Version 1.5.1

– Added easy links for Google and Apple external routing
– Makes notes selectable, enables hyperlinks in notes!
– Fixed issue creating alert where some phones were unable to set title or address.
– Fixed issue preventing app from launching directly to new alert when alert was swiped.?
– Fixed issue with missing text when alerts contain “&” character.
– Fixed name sorting on Personnel page
– Fixes bug with test messages when app is in foreground

The “easy links for Google and Apple external routing” are new little icons you’ll see below the address. ?One goes to Google Maps, the other to Apple Maps. The Google Maps link won’t work if you haven’t installed Google Maps (obviously).

We’re rich-texted the notes, so if your PSAP puts a phone number in there, it should get auto-detected and hyperlinked for one-touch calling. ?Same for URLs.

Everything else is pretty much bug fixes. ?We have assignable assignments working in beta, so the next update should have that as well.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, we’re consolidating the beta program somewhat. ?Those assignment features that the beta users are using? ?Yeah, it only works if you grant yourself “assignment” permissions in the Devices tab. ?Which you can only do if you have the Beta website. ?Which you can only do if you are a website Beta tester. ?Since this is getting too complicated, we are granting ALL beta testers access to the whole suite of beta products. ?Grant is working on this now and they should all be getting emails in the future with more details on this change.