The Constant Learner: Assignments

As our assignments feature is nearing open-beta, I thought I would take a shot at explaining how ?we have set it up to work.

We designed the system to be very flexible to be very customizable. ?The first step of the process is to add some assignments to the assignments tab. ?It can be anything, but we sort of envisioned a couple of scenarios. ?It could be?a qualification like pump operator,?a physical place like station 1, a work schedule like shift 1, or an event like ‘Pancake breakfast this Sunday’.

Once the assignment is created, you can then go to the Scheduling tab to set up when an assignment is meant to occur by clicking on the date. ?From there, you will get a popup asking for a name of the event. ?It can be the same as the assignment or different, when it will start and and, and optionally how often the event happens. ?If the event is recurring, you can set an end date to have it stop or have the event go into the indefinite future by leaving it blank. ?The last option is to add devices to the event. ?Just start typing the name of the device and we will give suggestions.

After the event is added, if there was assignment and devices, those devices will show as that assignment during the duration of the event unless the device is overriden inside the app.

For example, in our case of the pump operator assignment you can add events for shifts of pump operators. ?There could be a pump shift 1, 2 and 3, each occuring at a different time with different devices assigned. ?When an alarm is received a quick glance at the personnel tab can show you how many devices are currently assigned to the pump operator assignment.

That is the basic use case we have prepared for, but we are excited to hear feedback and suggestions on how to improve the usability and the use-cases everyone can come up with.


5 thoughts on “The Constant Learner: Assignments

  1. Will you have a feature where you can create an event and people can essentially take the assignment for each event as well as be assinged to event?

  2. Just wondering if there is anything in the works to allow me to assign people to certain tasks using the iPad app, for example: On scene of a structure fire, I can assign personnel to various tasks like Interior team, or engine 1 operator. That way I can keep track of where people are based on where I assign them. Also if I change their assignment their device would re-alert them to the change. Sort of like a redundant accountability. So as people select “Respond” or any other action button is selected, I as the Chief, or anyone with the permission, could assign them a job before they even arrive. Make sense?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what Assignments will let you do. Internally, we call the Personnel view in the app a “PAR Board”. 🙂

  3. So i seem to have the assigments figured out as far as i want but how to do i get it to assign with auto when an alert goes out

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