Developer’s Log: Low hanging fruit anyone?

This week has been a busy one here at Active911. Currently, some of us are shaking hands in Baltimore for the Firehouse Expo.while those of us who have remained in the office are working on anything that is low hanging fruit. Low hanging fruit is how we are referring to any task that has been in our backlog and should be a quick and easy thing to do, but we just haven’t been able to get around to yet. Low hanging fruit is an important thing to make time for, so we have set our regularly scheduled features aside for one week only to make sure we are taking care of some of the smaller tasks that could be otherwise overlooked.

Between all of us, we have a smattering of easily accomplishable features and bug fixes to keep us busy before wrapping up this week. Some of the bug fixes range from tweaks to the types of data we are storing in the database to how certain drop down lists on the website are being presented. The features are a bit more exciting and include the ability to order your agencies within the apps and have a darker map view during the night.

It feels good to set aside some time to make sure that these kind of little things get done in the midst of larger features we want to roll out. Now that the assignment beta feature has been released, we could easily spend a lot more time working on improving it and bringing it out of beta. The plan is to add more features to assignments and scheduling in able to make it much more effective as a tool for every department. In fact, there have already been many suggestions rolling in on our forums as well as questions that highlight areas that need to be better explained, and development on new features like this will resume after this week has ended. In short, taking care of `low hanging fruit` tasks are like going back and making sure you have dotted all of your Is and crossed your Ts.

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