Behind the Curtain: The Future is Now

Over the past couple of years, we’ve worked hard to release the latest and greatest new features as quickly as we can.

As time has gone on, and the system has grown larger and larger, being able to roll out new features has quickly?become a much more lengthy process.

We’ve repeatedly told ourselves that, in the future, things will be better, but for now we need to keep rolling on with the system the way it is.

Well, after our lengthy Assignments projects, we’ve come to realization that the future has finally arrived, and we need to make the radical shift we’ve been pushing off for too long.

The main thing we are planning for the rest of this year is a complete Beta Network: A complete network of all our servers which will act as a bleeding edge system. ?For agencies which want the latest and greatest, the beta network will have continuous integration with code as we produce it. ?The beta network would have less stability and reliability, so users who can wait for our scheduled releases would remain on the main production services.

In conjunction with this, we are looking at developing a better system of community feedback, and identifying users and agencies which can help us vet our systems thoroughly before they go live to production.

If you have any ideas on the best ways we can achieve these goals, we are always welcome to suggestions from the community, just leave a comment below.

We will also be doing another Live AMA today (July 31) at 2PM Pacific time, so click here to submit any questions about any of our products or the direction we are going in for the rest of this year


2 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain: The Future is Now

  1. Hi Jonathan — have you looked into a highly scalable and distributed datastore? This could help you both roll out new features faster as well as handle increased numbers of users. Shoot me an email if you’d like to discuss.

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