If you have not heard the new, Active911 for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available! So if you have a Windows Phone, you can find it for download in the Windows Store.

Now that the Windows Phone app is available in the store, I wanted to cover some of our ongoing plans in this post. The core functionality is built into the Windows Phone app and there are few features that Android and iOS have that Windows Phone does not. This means that WP has some new features that will be added to keep it in sync with our other offerings, and development will continue with adding features as they are added to our other apps.

As you can imagine, the completion of the WP app opens us up to focus more development efforts on other projects. The Windows Tablet app is one project that has been being developed concurrently with the WP app over the last couple months and it is definitely the next platform that we are planning to release. I’ve spent some time collaborating with the primary Windows Tablet developer and I think that the app is going to have a very polished user interface that meshes well with the operating system’s environment. We will probably go over the tablet’s user interface more when that project has progressed further.

We are also planning on starting development on Windows Desktop application. This will run on older operating systems such as Windows XP as well as the latest versions of Windows. As I have covered in a previous blog post, the three Windows apps share most of their backend code, so much of the work for the desktop application is done. However, now that the WP app has been released, we are one step closer to beginning development on the desktop application’s user interface.

In conclusion, Windows Phone users are now able to download the Active911 app and coordinate with iOS and Android users. The Windows Tablet app is under active development, and Windows Desktop is on the docket for upcoming platforms. It’s an exciting line up and we will have more to share with you in the future.