Meet Active911 for Windows Phone 8.1

Greetings! In my last blog post I shared some of the development plans for Windows versions of the Active911 app. Since then there has been some considerable progress with the Windows Phone version and we have kicked off production on the tablet version. So, I thought I would attempt to wow and amaze you with sneak peeks of the latest beta release for the phone. Currently, we are on the 6th update for the phone and the beta testers have contributed wonderfully to the final production version. There is still some work to do with Windows Push Notifications, but the phone version is almost ready for production!

Since we worked hard to make the app look and feel at home in the Microsoft environment, we had different tools available to us than when our other apps had been developed. This has resulted in a uniquely Microsoft version of Active911. To start off with, Instead of listing all of a user’s agencies in one list view, we used what is called a pivot view to allow convenient swiping between different departments.


The personnel view also takes advantage of a pivot view and looks much the same as far as sliding between agencies to see who is responding and how far they are from your current location.

Another neat eye catching design is the map in the background. Along with the agency in the heading this is to help give you a better feel for which agency you are currently viewing. It also turns out to be a pleasing aesthetic to keep a map somewhat central to the overall theme.

Viewing an alert’s details is very much similar to our other apps with the exception of a mini map to give you an idea of the location without going directly into the map view. Of course a quick tap on the map or address will take you to an interactive map where you can quickly get a view of the surrounding area.


And we have taken advantage of the Command Bar at the bottom of the screen to give you a different set of view specific options throughout the app. For instance, the three buttons that you see at the bottom of the map view will allow you to switch to a different route, switch between satellite and road views, and view step by step directions to the alert. While on other views you will have the options to view the status of personnel, or access the settings of the app.

All in all, I think that the Windows Phone version of Active911 gives the same great experience, but just wrapped in a Microsoft style interface. We have already discussed plans for how we are going to bring a similar, but distinctly tablet, design to Windows tablets, which will be a fun thing to show off in the future.

As I said, things are coming along very well with the Windows Phone app, and development on the tablet app has increased. I would like for your takeaway from this to be that the phone app is close and that everyone who is eager to get their hands on it won’t have to wait much longer. In the meantime, I hope I have shared at least a little bit of my excitement and satiated any curiosity as far as Windows Phone is concerned.

2 thoughts on “Meet Active911 for Windows Phone 8.1

  1. Do you have a projected date for release. Also do you plan on making the program active in the background all the time for the windows application. We are currently using a tablet and are wondering what else we need to do in order to make this all completely functional.

  2. Echoing the previous comment, I have been waiting for almost the entire length of my current phone contract for this ONE app to finally come to windows phones, I just can’t justify becoming a apple or android convert over one app, but man am I jealous of my co-workers and friends who have this app.

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