The Constant Learner: Introduction

Hello everyone!

I guess I am the next developer to introduce myself. I started with Active911 just as it was getting started as a Customer Service Technician, way back in March of 2013 and transitioned into the development side several months ago.

While Active911 was getting off the ground, we relied heavily on Cadpage and the work they had done with their parser library. As Active911 grew, some problems became apparent. Cadpage became unable to support the sheer amount of new parsers and parser adjustments that Active911 required, and the programmer for Cadpage ended up overwhelmed and overworked. About a year into my support role, Active911 targeted this area for improvement and developed some tools to allow parsers to be built and maintained more easily. Knowing how many people were waiting for parsers, the support team worked feverishly on the backlog. Whenever we weren’t on a phone call or handling an email ticket, we were working on a parser trying to get as many departments up and running as we could.

When Active911 decided we needed someone to work on parsers exclusively, I was experienced enough to handle the transition and volunteered. In my free time, I took to learning computer programming from the ground up. After several months of near constant learning, I had become proficient enough to start contributing to Active911 development, so here I am. I build and maintain the parser library, doing my best to make sure your messages come through in a way that is readable and mappable. I also work with our more experienced developers to produce new and exciting features.

In terms of my recent projects, I have been working with the rest of the team to develop a calendar/assignment tab on the main website and tying that into webview to add a PAR board component. I am also working to speed up and streamline the Activation process to help new accounts get the parsers they need faster and more efficiently. Once that is wrapped up, I will begin assisting in the development of the windows tablet.

Here is a brief look at the webview PAR board before it hits beta testing:

Sneek Peek

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