Behind the Curtain: A Re-Introduction

It’s been a year since I’ve lasted posted here, and quite a lot has changed.

As we continue to grow, we’ve been reviewing our external communication channels, and started exploring new ways to engage with our customers. There aren’t many direct means of contacting our developers, but we do read the forums weekly.

One thing we introduced late last year are developer Q&A sessions. We have had 2 so far in November and February, and our next one is coming up in May. We are planning for the Q&A sessions will coincide with our app updates, which we are aiming to release at the beginning of each quarter.

Aside from the Q&A, we’re going to begin posting regularly on this blog each week, rotating between developers. We’ve added a few new faces to the development team, who you will all meet soon through this blog as well. I will let them introduce themselves in the coming weeks.

Of course this really wouldn’t be a look behind the curtain if I didn’t give you guys a sneak peak of what is coming up. The main focus for the past couple of weeks has been a new feature which will allow creation of “Assignments”.

These could be anything from ordinary station assignments to specific crew assignments or even roster status assignments. The main idea is to give your agency the ability to know who is supposed to be assigned to what at any given time. A simple example would be setting up assignments to represent your multiple fire houses, and scheduling which house everyone should be at each shift.

We’re really excited to roll out this feature in the upcoming month, and will putting out a testable sandbox later this week. Look for a link to it in the upcoming newsletter!

One thought on “Behind the Curtain: A Re-Introduction

  1. just wondering if Delco fire police will be getting alerts such as the stations do when they are needed. Such as the all call for Delco Fire police or if it can be broken down to just the districts?
    Thanks for your time.

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