Active911 Rescue Film

We made a short video saluting the work of fire and rescue personnel everywhere.? This video played for the first time at our booth at FDIC 2015, and now that we are back we wanted to share it with everyone else.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this, and to all of you out there doing what you do.

48 thoughts on “Active911 Rescue Film

    • Congratulations, what a wonderful job you fireman and women do, the hours you put in saving peoples lives and homes etc. keep up the good job. God Bless. ????

  1. Very well done!!! Congratulations on your sucess!!! We are glad to have been receiving our critical info thru Active911 almost since you started!!!

  2. Awesome video. Great work. Love the app. Use it everyday I’m on the truck. Thank you for all the hard work with keeping it updated and improved

  3. Great clip! I just wanted to let you know that our fire department South Shore FD and their Chief Robert Stedman shares/subscribes Active 911 with us and what a great idea it is. Police Officers receiving the alerts via their iPhones allows dispatch to get the fire and EMS personnel out first without having to dispatch PD at the same time, we receive the fire/medical call and first respond, with dispatch notifying us by radio/MDC following the fire/EMS dispatch.

    Keep up the great work!

    Chief Sean M. Marschke
    Sturtevant Police Department
    Sturtevant, Wisconsin

  4. Great video. Well done. QUESTION, when I receive an Active 911 alert on my phone I used to be able to select the “direction” and receive the route from my current location. In the last few months instead of direction the map is populated with hydrants. While that is OK is there a way to get the actual route information shown?


  5. Well done. I posted my personal website because we have a BBVFD video there saluting the men and women of BBVFD and all first responders. Go to the main menu and click on “Videos”. It will be obvious which one it is.

  6. Inspiring video! With your permission, we would like to use it on our facebook page and website to let the public know just how important this technology assists us in our operations.
    Thank you for your committment to advancing our abilitiy to serve the communities we protect.

  7. Every time I respond in my job a fire investigator, it is your app that leads the way. I hope this first great video is not your last. Good job!

  8. Great video. These incidents happen all over the USA 24 hours a day and Volunteer fire fighters respond no matter what time of day or night to help their neighbors and friends.
    A majority of the fire fighters in the USA are volunteer. All fire fighters give a lot and risk a lot for those around them many of whom are complete strangers.

  9. Great App with a wealth of information! A great job done with setting up the system keeping the
    user updated with the newest information available. Keep up the GREAT work which helps everyone to do the best at their job.

  10. Keep up the great work guys. Randleman Fire Dept has adopted the active 911 alert system and it has been a great help! The app tends to give out more info that dispatch does on the first out page. i looks forward to seeing the program growing and getting more refined.

  11. This is a great tool and asset to our department. We appreciate the hard work you all put into making receiving our info that much easier. Keep up the good work. And thanks from all of us here at Bakers Fire and Rescue Department Station 19.

  12. We currently use Active 911 at Sabine VFD and it has increased our response times. My volunteers love the program. Loved the video also. Look forward to seeing what you do to advance the capabilities in the future.

  13. We could not make it without this App! I can remember driving in circles looking for a house wasting so much time! That never happens to us now. I have added your video to our Facebook page to share with our community. They need to know all of the key players that work for them day and night! Thank you Active911.

  14. Love the app. My volunteer department uses the app now after upgrading from pagers. With only minimal information coming from dispatch via radio, Active911 allows our responding crews to stay more up to date as the call progresses, and allows officers to easily track incoming units position. This frees up comms for more important information, and creates a more independent team allowing for greater adaptability on the fire field. This app saves lives, plain and simple.
    -Captain Thomas Phillips
    Sparta Volunteer Fire Department
    Belton, TX.

  15. The Video is awesome well done shows all information about the active 911 in a short period. I love the work you all did on it.

  16. The fire service has evolved a great deal because of this app. I know every street in my coverage area ,but I do not know every street in my mutual aid coverage. This app gives me turn by turn directions any time my company is called to unfamiliar territory. Thank you !!

  17. Awesome recognition to the men and women of the fire service. Love your app, particularly the mapping aspect. I did have to chuckle just a little — cleanest bunker gear I’ve ever seen on ‘every’ firefighter… 😉

  18. This was my childhood home; in our family for over 55 years. It sold after our Mothers passing in 2003. Since then it has been in disrepair, which saddened our family immensely. Although it is also sad to see it gone, we are glad that valuable training for our Fire & Rescue Team has come from it. This GREAT HOUSE is still giving. Great video! and thank you for all you do.

  19. I love this app… when there is a glitch, it’s on our end… The video is great… I can’t wait to see the future of Active911! Great job everyone!

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