Behind the Curtain: Catching Up

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging since the new year.
I have 2 posts which are half finished, both regarding new features that are coming up this year.
I hope to complete those and out to you all this week and next.
As with any growing company, we’re reaching a critical point of juggling multiple pressing features.

Currently, I have an Android update waiting in the wings that I hope to put out to the Testflight group today and release to the public next Monday.
I have the OpenAPI which requires both an OAuth implementation as well as a RESTful architecture to implement, which I hope to have an initial implementation of by early February.
I have a change I need to make that will default to our new SMS shortcode for all agencies in the US and an international number for all others.
And then I have the daily little “fires” to put out each day.

There’s certainly enough to keep even twice our number busy.
So if I do forget to reply to an email or request in a timely fashion, please don’t hesitate to send me reminders.
I may have that information/change sitting on my desk/desktop, just waiting for me to remember it’s there.

One thought on “Behind the Curtain: Catching Up

  1. Two items: Please add option to not display fire hydrant locations. As an EMT, I want to see, the streets, not the fire hydrant locations. Second, please add a “left swipe” (to go to a newer alert) and “right swipe” to go to an older alert. This is similar to the functionality of Gmail on android phones.

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