Behind The Curtain: The Bleeding Edge

We’ve often discussed the increasingly slow pace of deployments here at the office (not to be confused with The Office, our mistakes entail a lot less laughing and a lot more crying).
Unfortunately, as we grow larger, more complex, and with more agencies relying on our service, it becomes riskier to deploy quick late-night hacks at a moment’s notice.
We usually go through at least 2 weeks of testing, and even then we can’t anticipate all the corner cases that are out in the field.

We’ve toyed with the idea of bringing up a secondary system that would be deployed to much more frequently, but with things breaking frequently as well.
The benefit for agencies would be more frequent updates, and for us would be finding bugs faster.
The downside of course is that it could, and would, break at any moment, though the fixes would also be deployed faster as well.

Would anyone be interested in signing up for this sort of bleeding edge system for their agency, or would the instability make it pretty much unusable to anyone?

2 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain: The Bleeding Edge

  1. Any possibility this could be done at the device level as opposed to the agency level? I for one would definitely be interested as would three or four other users but the majority of our users would likely be annoyed and let me know it…

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