App Crashing on iOS 6 devices

With the latest release of the Active911 app for iOS devices, a bug has been introduced which causes the app to crash on startup. The problem is related to a library we updated in this release. We are working on a way to resolve this issue and will keep you updated. If you have an iOS 6 device, please do not update your app to version 1.5.3.

Update: (Saturday, Nov 7) we have sent a fix to Apple.  We are waiting for them to let us beta test it (beta app review).  The fix also has a patch for missing text in the details area.

Straight from Support: iOS 9.1 update

There have been many phone calls and emails about members not getting a sound with their notification since Apple released iOS 9. I have been tasked with trying to figure out a work around. Apple released its first major update to iOS 9 on Wednesday, and I downloaded it yesterday to start testing. I’ve found significant improvements to the sound notifications. In fact, as far as I can tell I received all of the sound notifications from the accounts that I was receiving calls from. Yesterday, I received about 100 alerts total in about a 5 hour span. I tested it on both wifi and cellular data. I also noticed that my other apps were making notification sounds too. I still can’t find any proof online that Apple has definitely fixed the bug, but from my testing it looks like it is fixed.

If for some reason your device decides not to make a sound notification after you download iOS 9.1, you can try to reset your device. This is NOT a factory reset so you won’t lose any of your data.

To reset your settings, open your phone settings app. Then tap on general, scroll down to the bottom, and then tap on “Reset.” Then tap on “Reset All Settings.” This will reset all of your phone’s settings like alarms, wallpaper, touch ID, pass code, etc., but you will not lose any data like contacts or photos.

If you continue to have issues with the notification sounds after doing the update, please let support know. We are here to help, and if we know about the issue, we can continue to look for solutions. Also, if you find that the 9.1 update that Apple put out has fixed the issue, we would love to hear it!

If you need to speak with tech support are number is 541-223-7992 or you can email us at

Active911 iOS 1.5.1 update

We actually pushed this to Apple some time ago, but it got “stuck” in their process and we had to call them on the phone to get it kicked loose.  They were very helpful, though, and now 1.5.1 is available for download.  From the Apple App Store:

What’s New in Version 1.5.1

- Added easy links for Google and Apple external routing
- Makes notes selectable, enables hyperlinks in notes!
- Fixed issue creating alert where some phones were unable to set title or address.
- Fixed issue preventing app from launching directly to new alert when alert was swiped. 
- Fixed issue with missing text when alerts contain “&” character.
- Fixed name sorting on Personnel page
- Fixes bug with test messages when app is in foreground

The “easy links for Google and Apple external routing” are new little icons you’ll see below the address.  One goes to Google Maps, the other to Apple Maps. The Google Maps link won’t work if you haven’t installed Google Maps (obviously).

We’re rich-texted the notes, so if your PSAP puts a phone number in there, it should get auto-detected and hyperlinked for one-touch calling.  Same for URLs.

Everything else is pretty much bug fixes.  We have assignable assignments working in beta, so the next update should have that as well.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, we’re consolidating the beta program somewhat.  Those assignment features that the beta users are using?  Yeah, it only works if you grant yourself “assignment” permissions in the Devices tab.  Which you can only do if you have the Beta website.  Which you can only do if you are a website Beta tester.  Since this is getting too complicated, we are granting ALL beta testers access to the whole suite of beta products.  Grant is working on this now and they should all be getting emails in the future with more details on this change.

Apple app notes – week in review

We pushed the iOS Active911 1.5 app update on Monday, enabling Assignments.  Today is Friday, so we have had a week to get feedback and figure some things out.

In version 1.5.1

Selectable text in version 1.5.1

The bottom line is that some more updates are in store for Apple users.  Here’s a list:

  1. The “External Link” on the bottom of the alert details page used to launch Apple Maps, and it doesn’t any more.  Lots of people use this for navigation. This is being fixed.
  2. The address area launches a map within the Active911 app.  Most people already know this, but for those who don’t, we’ve added a helpful icon.
  3. Test messages don’t pop up when the app is in the foreground.  This has been fixed in beta and should be in your hands soon.  Normal alerts seem to come through fine, as do alerts and test messages when the app is in the background.
  4. People asked us to make the text within the app selectable.  This has been added to detail text for 1.5.1 beta.  It also means you can have hyperlinks in the details section!  See the image at right.
  5. The app update required a server update which in turn introduced a bug.  The bug made it so late-model iOS devices didn’t get paged when messages were very looooong (many lines of notes).  This was fixed today and does not require an app update (we had to update the server).
  6. We have one report of an iPhone 5 user (iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3) who says the alert title is reset to “Alert” when he sends an alert from his phone.

All told, it’s been a busy and tiring week!  On the radar also is making assignments assignable to anyone from within the app, and paging (Apple Notifications) to the assignees.  :)

That’s it for now – have a good weekend, everyone!